A Taste of Tantra

There are doors waiting to be opened.. Doors that keep your deeper essence, your freedom, your power…
Now, is the moment, to put your focus there, to find the keys to open those doors that will bring you to a new path, full of joy, answers and peace.

With Tamara this gets naturally easy, her mission is to support you getting closer to your heart and get into those spots where the light may not have reached in a long time.

This workshop is here, so you can go straight toward to the center of yourself. Where you become your own best friend and lover. From there meeting the other authentically. Your inner universe gets softer, quieter and nicer. Come to play, and become a new version of yourself that yet, you don’t know.

Tamara is a Breathwork Facilitator, Tantrica, Bodyworker and loves supporting/inspiring others to grow naturally. She organizes and facilitates workshops, retreats, and experiential journeys for others to explore living a more conscious life. A true, free sensual spirit, Tamara is a very lively woman who is passionate about amplifying the gifts of others, living in harmony with nature and inviting more authenticity into the world.

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Feb 11 2023


11:00 - 17:00

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Más información


Casa Lazar
Carrer de Pere IV, 29 7º 4º (Ático) Barcelona
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